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United Island & Yacht is here to give you a feeling of comfort and peace of mind on board and on land. The support and services we provide mean you are free to focus on your yachting experience to the full. Our team of experts sees to it that you can always sleep soundly.

Please contact us to talk about how we can provide you with the most comprehensive and effective service for your needs.

You're in good hands. Meet the team behind United Island & Yacht.

Andrew Malone
President, United Shipping Company, Nassau

Andrew was born and raised in Nassau and locally educated at Nassau’s Queen’s College. He continues a family tradition of professions in the Marine and Shipping Industry. His grandparents and his father were involved in many facets of the maritime industry including Ship Agency Management, Vessel Stevedoring and Ship’s Husbandry. Andrew is a trained Commercial Aviator and also spent time in the Business Equipment Industry before returning to the Shipping Industry to run the company his father started in 1967. As head of the USCL team, Andrew brings years of shipping experience, local logistics and customer service to the table.

Brooke Bartenfelder
Yacht Agent South Florida / Office Manager Fort Lauderdale
Jillian Dargavage
Yacht Agent South Florida / San Diego
Kylie Gemmell
Yacht Agent, South Florida